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About The College

Strategic Aims 2017/18

Catholic Ethos and Reputation

Preserve and further develop the distinctive Catholic character, mission, and ethos of the College.

Raise the College’s profile as a key, high quality, local provider of Level 3 education for 16-18-year-olds, and as a major contributor to local performance targets.

Develop the curriculum offer to ensure appropriate Programmes of Study are available, matched to the needs of all students.

Engage in wider partnership activity, especially with the Catholic partner schools, Leeds Trinity University and other local institutions, to ensure a curriculum match which facilitates successful progression between the institutions.

Educational Achievement

Ensure that the outcomes for learners at Level 2 and 3, in terms of success rates, high grades, attendance and value added reach an outstanding level by summer 2018. Continue to enable learners to progress successfully to higher education, employment or training where appropriate. Develop further the quality assurance processes across the College so that all curriculum and cross-college areas maintain and develop their focus on outcomes for learners.

Develop appropriate Level 2 provision to take account of increasing demand and contribute to raising the numbers of learners achieving a full Level 2 qualification with particular focus on English and Maths GCSE, thus improving progression to Level 3.

Develop the focus on excellence in teaching, learning and assessment, thus enabling students to make outstanding progress relative to their starting points.

Pastoral System

Resource pastoral services with the aim of reducing any gap in achievement for identified groups of students (e.g. ethnic group, gender, disability). Make provision for increased support needs, e.g. the increasing number of students with social and mental health issues. Continue to develop links with Partner high schools to engage students with disabilities or specific learning needs at every level and develop effective transition and support arrangements.

Maintain the high quality of the College’s impartial advice and guidance service to students. Participate in City-wide initiatives for advice and guidance. Build on relationships with local employers and agencies to ensure effective work experience, mentoring and internship opportunities. Continue to widen progression opportunities into apprenticeships and direct employment whilst keeping a strong focus on progression to HE and Russell Group Universities.

Human and Physical Resources

Continue to provide the highest standards of support in professional development and training opportunities for all staff to prepare for continuing curriculum developments. Similarly, with standards of professional support to provide leadership and management training to underpin effective succession planning. Ensure links between lesson observation, staff development and appraisal, which will ensure that teachers and wider departments are engaged in continuous improvement in teaching, learning and assessment. Review the new Appraisal and Performance Management processes.

Improve the estate and facilities. Continue to upgrade internal accommodation and equipment to provide a high-quality learning experience, and to develop an attractive environment for students, balancing such developments against the declining expenditure on public services.

Legislative Requirements

Maintain the effective implementation of the College Health and Safety strategy, ensuring consideration is always given to the health and safety implications of all College activity, thus ensuring a safe environment in which to learn and to work. Continue the work of the College Safeguarding group and ensure that all staff receive the appropriate level of safeguarding training and supervision.

Be proactive in the application of the Equality Act (2010), flexible retirement scheme and the requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service, ensuring implementation of legislation.

Financial Management

Maintain a prudent approach to financial projections by adopting a realistic and pragmatic approach to likely learner numbers, recognising education policy, planning and funding methodology in Leeds and nationally, taking into account local population trends. Review staffing and other costs in the context of the new funding regime, seeking to ensure that needs are met, agreed targets are achieved and strong financial health is maintained.

Education Policy

Consider academisation as a strategy – in the light of the guidance being developed by the CES and the Diocese and mindful of the funding consequences regarding international student provision.

Closely monitor national and local policy initiatives. Work closely with the Sixth Form Colleges Association to promote the interests of the sector. Develop the strengthening relationship with the local authority, FE colleges and schools to plan for a secure future for young people in Leeds, whilst monitoring potential competition from academies, free schools, UTCs etc. Play a full part in the Leeds 14-19 Strategy.

Notre Dame Examination Performance 2017
  • 31 students achieved 3 A or A* at A level
  • 13 students achieved 4 A or A* at A level
  • 1 students achieved 5 A or A* at A level
  • 29 students achieved Double Distinction * in Applied General (BTEC etc)
  • All 6 Oxbridge students achieved what they needed for entry
Value added (ALPS report)
  • A level ALPS Quality Grade = 4 (Very Good, top 40% of providers), T score = 3 (Excellent top 25% of providers)
  • AS level ALPS Quality Grade = 2 (Outstanding, Top 10% of providers), T score = 2 (Outstanding, Top 10% of providers)
  • BTEC ALPS Quality Grade = 5 (Satisfactory to Good, 40th to 60th percentile), T score = 5 (Satisfactory to Good, 40th to 60th percentile)


For further information regarding this exciting role, please contact Jo Fish or Rachel Singer at Navigate on 0113 287 8445

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